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Have you ever heard of a Licensed Massage Therapist who guarantees their bodywork? You have now!

 Services provided:

SLM Bodywork Treatments - (my specialty) - a combination of acupressure, deep tissue manipulation and massage 

Other services:

Sports Massage (pre and post event)

Relaxation Massage

Swedish Massage 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Circulation Massage

House calls.

I specialize by using a unique method called SLM Bodywork (a combination of acupressure, massage and deep tissue manipulation), to eliminate or significantly reduce pain. This method was taught to me by Steve Lockhart, a highly acclaimed professional. He has been training people in SLM Bodywork for over 20 years, mainly in Australia and the far East.


I am one of four SLM trained licensed therapists in the US.



  • It is a unique way of treating the entire muscle system in each session. This creates balance and coordination between all the muscles in the body. 
  • Carrying your body weight with an unbalanced muscle system creates pressure spots in your joints, and  causes sciatica, bursitis and other pains. SLM finds the problem muscles and restores their full function.  
  • It brings the body back into balance, diffusing the pressure and pain.  
  • It resets the body's nervous system making body motions normal and pain free. 
  • When the muscle system is rebalanced, the pain won't come back. 
  • When a job or activity overloads certain muscles, SLM maintenance exercises and self treatment keep the pain from returning.
  • No other therapy approaches the treatment of pain this way.


 If you have pain (new or old), or would just like to relax and/or get energized, you can do so AND GET FREE MASSAGES!

  • If you refer clients, you will get a free treatment for every 3 new referrals.
  • If you do not need SLM or another type of massage and would like to refer clients to me, you will get a free massage gift certificate for every 3 new referrals to give to someone else.


I have such great confidence in the SLM approach, I’ll guarantee my work: “If you don’t feel relief after the first three SLM treatments, I will refund your money”. I have not come across any Licensed Massage Therapist who guarantees their work in writing. Have you?

If you or some one you know has pain, is an athlete at any level, someone who does hard physical work, someone with early onset Parkinson's Disease (PD), Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue or someone who sits at their job for long periods, SLM treatments can eliminate or significantly reduce the pain.

Helping people with (PD) is especially near and dear to me. My wife Marcia has PD. She feels more relaxed, more flexible, has less pain and her affected limbs feel less sluggish and rigid after an SLM treatment. She also feels energized. By using my program specifically designed for PD clients, PD clients will see similar results AND it will be affordable.


Help yourself - - The only thing you stand to lose is PAIN and STRESS. Call me at 603-387-0950 to discuss your situation. I want to help you.

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